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All of our courses meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
Class days and times for specific courses are listed below as well as book costs for each
course.  See the
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****Please Note**** The beginning and ending class dates have been changed
for 2019 Spring Term 1 Courses. ..We apologize if this change causes you
any inconveniece ...

2019 Spring Term 1 courses begin on Monday, February 18th
and on Wednesday, February
                               Please mark the courses that you wish to take this term.  

Monday Evening Courses:    February 18th - March 25th     7:00 - 8:25pm

Bible Survey 5 –  7:00pm – 8:25pm                                                                   Instructor: Dean Tom Riley
New Testament 1 (Matthew - Acts)
Required Books: Talk Thru the Bible, Wilkerson  $25
(This course will fulfill one of your Bible Survey requirements for certificate completion -- four are needed)

What On Earth is God Doing?–  7:00pm - 8:25pm                                    Instructor:  Dr. David A. Watson
Biblical Christianity and Contemporary Culture         
Required Books: Christian Ethics:  Contemporary Issues & Options, Geisler $25

Monday Evening Courses:    February 18th - March 25th    8:35 - 10:00pm

Christian Life & Witness 3 –  8:35pm - 10:00pm                                               Instructor: Dr. David A. Watson
Required Books: Class Notes $10; Know Why You Believe, Little $15

Wednesday Evening Courses: February 20th  - March 27th    7:30 - 9:00pm

Theology Survey 3 –  7:30pm - 9:00pm                                                               Instructor: Dr. David A. Watson
The Holy Spirit and the Church
Required Books: Class Notes $10; Basic Theology, Ryrie     $25
This course will fulfill one of your Theology Survey requirements for certificate completion - four are needed

Counseling 2103 -  7:30pm – 9:00pm             Instructor: AACC Video Lecturers; LaVerne White, Facilitator
Applications in Mood Change/Medicine/Addictions
Required Books: Breaking Free,  AACC Workbook    $185  (one-time purchase)
Textbook is used for Counseling 2101-2105; tuition for course will be waived for term in which book is purchased                      

                              Counseling 2101-2105 are taught in conjunction with the
                      American Association of Christian Counselor's Certificate Program
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